Monday, April 14, 2014

*~*Springtime Closet Maintenance and a Little 'ol Computer Crash*~*

Spring in the closet...
First thing to do is pull out all the sweaters.
I keep mine on the shelf above the hanging bar.
Then go through the sweaters and either
wash or have cleaned the ones that require such.
I put all of the sweaters through the dryer on "air" setting
with a few drops of cedar oil on the wool dryer balls.
Also, when the sweaters are off the shelf,
I wipe it and the hanging bar with cedar oil as well.
I just got a little spritz bottle and keep the oil in it.
I use an old sock so if I feel like the oil won't wash out very well, I can just throw it away.
The other thing that happens during this time, is that I 'make a run'
through my clothes and pull what I haven't worn, what might not fit well, and what is so uncomfortable I cringe at the thought of wearing it.
I have pulled all of those items and
hung them on one end.  A couple of the items, I have decided to keep, but at least 95% of them have gone to the bargain counter.  I do still have a few things to try on.  I have come to the point that 'if I don't wear it, I don't want to store it.
My sweaters are now all organized and folded nicely awaiting next fall.
The closet smells fresh and clean when we enter - don't you love the smell of cedar?
I also have an abundance of hangers now; whereas before,
we were always searching for an empty one.
Doing this each spring keeps things in good repair 
and keeps me from 'acquiring' too many items I don't wear.
It's a reminder every time I consider bringing home more clothes.
I think, "Will I have to try it on and pass it on in the spring?"
My reply to myself is usually, "Ugh," so I pass.

I would also like to apologize for my absence.
My computer did a sorta crash.
I was able to back-up my information,
but it was taking about 30-45 minutes
just to turn it on.
I am now working with my little Acer that was not intended
for the work load of a 'real' computer.
It doesn't have the same programs or functions,
but until I save enough for a new computer,
I will attempt to limp along.

Until next time,
Nimble Fingers and Even Stitches

Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Wrong Color

I repainted the kitchen yesterday.
I wasn't smart enough to think of taking a before picture
until I was half way through.
The good news is that everything got cleaned.
The bad news is that the color doesn't look this good in real life.
If you look at the reflection in the mirror,
you can see more of the color it actually is.
It's a BRIGHT celery green~
more like the moss that is in the first picture.
Needless to say, tomorrow morning 
I will be at the paint store bright and early.
I should have taken a major clue
when it required the extra-white base.
Every other color in the house has required
either the deep base or ultra-deep base.
I think I will try this formula with a deep base.
I will let you know how it works out.
At least I know what color I don't want now.
It's a good thing I like to paint.

Until next time,
Nimble Fingers and Even Stitches

Sunday, March 23, 2014

***Ooops~I Got It Right***

Ever feel like if you do something right,
it must have been an accident?
I was cutting up some wool for an idea I'm working on.
I had just been telling my mom 
that I needed to find a soft peacock color to add.

I went to darken a little bit of tan that was too bright,
and I discovered that I had left a piece in some dye
probably 2 months ago.
Can you guess what color?
It was exactly what I needed.
If I would have tried to get this color,
I would probably ended up with orange:)
I have plenty more dying and cutting
before I can even get started on stitching, 
but I am so glad to have this piece.

These are the things in life I call miracles~
the perfect little things that happen without planning them.
They are like unexpected gifts.

Until next time,
Nimble Fingers and Even Stitches

Saturday, March 15, 2014

*~*~* A New Sign ~ Mustangs*~*~*

A new sign appeared on the road to town 
a while back.
There are several herds of mustangs around here.
The signs appeared after someone hit one on the road.
I can't imagine the damage hitting a horse would do
to a rig.  I hope they were okay.
I have hit deer, and that's no joy.
A horse weighs about five times as much as a deer.
This is actually a pretty decent looking bunch.
Just a note to those who think that the "mustangs"
they show in the movies are what they really look like,
that's like saying that the pictures you see in magazines
aren't photo-shopped and air-brushed.
The horses in movies are well kept herds.
I can actually vouch for that as my SIL's
uncle owns one of the largest herds that is often filmed.
Real mustangs often resemble those prehistoric images
on cave walls.
They are dumpy, mangy, and inbred as well as mean.
They have to be in order to survive.
There are plenty of wolves & mountain lions 
that would gladly help control the numbers if they weren't.
Actually, in this picture are just a few of a much larger herd.
There are more just over the ridge.
This herd in particular has had to be managed.
Oregon is open range
which means if you don't want various critters 
to wander onto your property,
it's up to you to fence them out.
So of course, folks have fenced them out 
(in order to protect their private livestock,)
and as there is no selective breeding program
among the wild, they were quite prolific.
In turn, they were becoming malnourished and even more sickly.
There was quite a debate over it.
I actually like seeing them.
I am not however, opposed to seeing them managed.
Some people think that it was inhumane and unnatural,
but I don't like seeing animals suffer.
So natural or not, I would rather see the healthiest
and strongest let roam and the runted and sickly
put out of their misery.
That may sound harsh, but it is much more humane
than letting them starve to death or die a slow death.
I have seen that too - not pretty!
This year they appear to be in relatively good shape
for being on the tail end of a harsh winter.

There is already a spring foal in this group.
It just looks like a dot behind the black and white one.
 A friend got the binoculars out, and
it's a little mostly black filly.
As the wolf numbers this year are half again what they were last year,
it will be interesting to see what wild life numbers will be.
(Just another note: the wolf breed they reintroduced is not the native breed.
The one they have reintroduced and protect is roughly twice the
size of the native breed requiring of course roughly twice as 
much to eat in order to maintain and prosper.
But that's another big topic.)

As spring flourishes, I look forward to seeing not only the foals,
but also the fawns, ducklings, quail chicks (so cute,) and
all the newbies about.
The mountains always seem to provide an awe inspiring scene.

Until next time,
Nimble Fingers and Even Stitches